Tuesday, October 11, 2011


At 12.30, we head out in search of food. Thankfully my 2 friends speak Mandarin - which accomplishes only half the job - asking where food is. The other important half is finding food. The security guard points us to the building where the workers are flowing out from. The buliding is a 4 floor dining area. Each floor is almost as huge as a football field - and I am following my chinese colleagues with a box of ready-to-eat Rajma-Chawal in my hand. It's made in India, but purchased in US, and now brought to China. Wait till they start making that here too.

I am itched to try the local factory food - the actual food that workers here eat, that fuels the pride of "Made in China" stickers we see on every product. I ask my friends to check with the servers behind the alluminium food counters, if they have anything vegetarian. He asks, and they reply "oh you mean chicken or fish?". Facepalm. He explains further, and they point out to raw noodles. Just boiled noodles.

The only option I have of Wheat or Yam noodles - being tossed in boiling hot water by an old Chinese lady. They know I don't speak their language, but the noodle lady lady screams something at me, and signals me to come. I go there, and she puts some chilli powder and vegetable broth. That's lunch - boiled wheat noodles, chilli powder and a few peanuts. Chopsticks, of course.

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